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  White Ash



White Ash


ASH CROWN ASH Also known as: White Ash Botanical Name: (1) Fraxinus excelsior, (2) F. Americana, F. nigra Origin: (1) Europe (2) North America Description: Both European and American white Ash veneer are really quite similar in appearance. The logs are usually flat cut to produce crown and straight-grained material. Occasionally veneer showing an attractive ripple figure is also available. This is a versatile species with many uses and, in addition to normal thickness, is also available in 1.5 and 2.5mm. See also ASH, OLIVE below. Ash burr and cluster veneer is also cut. The full burr is extremely difficult to find completely clean, frequently showing evidence of ingrowing bark in the form of small black knots and other irregular marks. It is, however, used very effectively for special furniture. The cluster veneer is normally cleaner and can often be of larger dimension.



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