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MAHOGANY, AFRICAN CROWN KHAYA Also known as: Khaya Botanical Name: Khaya ivorensis Origin: Central and West Africa Description: Varying in colour from a pale, whitish pink to a deeper pinky red, Khaya is a fairly open grained veneer but nonetheless useful for all kinds of cabinet and interior joinery work where a Mahogany look is required. Logs are both flat and quarter cut as there is a demand for crown and straight grain. Occasionally mottle figured material may also be available. Curl (or crotch) veneers are produced from that part of the trunk which forks into two. These vary from a mild swirl to a strong “rat’s tail” curl figure and have been used for many years on reproduction and antique replica furniture. Plain quartered Khaya is also available in 1.5 and 2.5mm thicknesses.



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